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Snow's Bakery - Alpha - Western Queensland

We left Barcaldine early on Monday May 27, 2002, hoping to be ahead of the hundreds of motorhomes and Campervans who were not heading north and west to continue their journeys from the very successful CMCA Rally. Leaving at 5 am seemed a good time, so the kangaroo watch was my job as passenger. In the first half hour, we saw 14 roos and a few bunnies. So by the time daylight eventually sort of came through the grey cloud laden skies, the Possum House had passed through Jericho heading towards Alpha.

It tastes as good as it looks!
The lass on duty was totally stoked up on the motorhoming lifestyle!

Tilleys BP station was open to allow us to refuel - often a problem when travelling at night or early morning in the Outback. Our motorhome was the object of many questions, as going around Australia in a motorhome was our petrol station attendant's dream for her retirement. This very helpful lady who "manned" the pumps assured me my "bunny" nose was not misleading - that really was the mouth watering aroma of hot bread baking in such a tiny town!

So about 100 metres up the street, there it was - Snow's Bakery - and it was just opening at 7 am. When I opened the door, after inspecting the mural on the front wall, the heady smells of fresh baking were just intoxicating. Hot muffins were being placed on the cooling trays, so they seemed a good starting point and the obvious master baker Snow kindly informed me that bread was only a couple of minutes away from finishing. How could you possibly resist such an invitation?


Watching the mixing of the huge bags flour in a bin, I asked how many loaves they were baking. "Don't really know," was Snow's reply. "I ran out when you guys were here on the way up to Barcaldine, so I can't do the same when you are on the way home."

The white bread was first out, followed by wholemeal and finally the country grain, which is always my choice.
Snow and his team didn't mind me taking the photos, even though I had to wait a few times because the lens kept fogging up due to all the hot air being created by the baking. The pumpkin scones were still about 15 minutes away, and despite Snow's protestations how good they were, we needed to be on the road again, so I promised we would be back on a future journey.

With a very warm farewell and a Snow's fridge magnets to remind us to come back, we eventually got started, but not before we cut a thick slice each of the steaming hot bread. And how did it rate?Absolutely mouthwatering - yummy - totally terrific. No need to contaminate the bread - just spread the butter and enjoy!!!

Snow was a bit shy when I first arrived!
Snow doing his stuff!

I bake our bread at home and Snow's is he best we have found anywhere in our travels. And the muffins - well they were kept until our morning tea stop, and then we wished we had purchased more for later in the day. So beware - don't miss Snow's when you go through Alpha. To say it is worth a stop is an understatement. Better still, stop at Snow's, have your "naughtinesses" and then walk it off by taking a stroll around the town to see all the magnificent murals on the many buildings.

Say Hi to Snow and his team - please tell them you found him on our site, so he knows I kept my promise to put his bakery on the Internet, and assure him we will be back for the pumpkin scones one of these travels. Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace


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