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Bakearoma - Roma - Western Queensland

We discovered this great little bakery on the outskirts of Roma during a recent visit to Barcaldine for the CMCA rally, On the way home (regrettably - because we didn't really want to go home) after the Barcaldine CMCA rally, we stopped in Roma. Finding a bakery in the long length of shops was not easy, but with a little sniffing, the aroma of freshly baked bread soon lead us to the shop. Maybe that is how they coined the catchy name? We had been quite naughty at Barcy (blame CJ’s vanilla slices for that!) so our purchases here were rather restrained - but - they could have been much worse (or should that be better??)

Bakearoma instant smoko!

Angle parking in town would have been OK because we had the little Freeway, but there weren’t any nearby spots, so Bob dropped me within a block of Bakearoma and parked off the main street, while I checked out the bakery and also the fruit and vegetable supplies. Once I had finished my purchases, I called him on our little two way (channel 20) and he meanders back to somewhere suitable nearby and collected me plus the shopping. This worked really well.

We loved the log cabin shop front
Spotlessly clean shop

So, if you can’t find a spot to park, don’t despair - try our trick. Just make sure it isn’t too far to walk, as you’re sure to be tempted to buy at Bakearoma more than you went in for.

Chrissy Eustace


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