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CJ's Bakery Barcaldine - Outback Queensland

CJ’s would have to be one of our all time favourites - not because it has the absolute best of any form of bakery, but because when you add in the quality of its baking to its owners, then it is something special.

Obviously we found CJ’s when we were at the 2002 CMCA rally at Barcaldine in May this year. In case you were there and you didn’t find the shop, you probably purchased bread, vanilla slices or other yumminess from the van that came around twice daily to the Showgrounds. This was a very clever bit of marketing, as there are actually two bakeries in Barcaldine and this gave CJ’s the edge. The shop is in Ash Street, one street parallel to and behind the main drag, in a new little block of shops.

The master baker and apprentice hard at work!
The best bakery in Barcaldine

They have the most delicious pizza on a Friday night - plenty of toppings and excellently cooked. You will be tempted by the range of cakes, slices, pastries, breads, pies and the like. The early morning starts are ideal for a change of breakfast - for the odd croissant maybe?

The delightful outdoor dining area
The biggest vanilla slice in Barcaldine!

Along with so many of the residents of Barcaldine, CJ’s were sorry to see the CMCA rally participants head off home or to other destinations. The $$’s floating into the various traders in town, and to those villages en route, made a huge difference in viability for so many small businesses. Still you only get out of something what you put in and for that CJ’s deserves every success possible. - Their commitment is to the local community, as was shown by their participation in so many of the events organised for the Barcy rally. Interestingly their turnover for the one week rally was equivalent to three normal months of trading!

Scarecrow week was on during our visit

We absolutely recommend CJ’s and will definitely call again when we are out in that direction!

Chrissy Eustace


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