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Beechworth Bakery - High Country - Victoria
Best Bakery in Australia?

What makes the greatest bakery in Australia? Well there probably isn’t really a greatest or best – they are all so different. If it’s size, then Beechworth would qualify. If it’s product variety and quality, then in our opinion, Beechworth can’t claim its status as“Australia’s Greatest Bakery” as per its advertising on their placemat.


The product range is generally not any more distinctive than what we have found in many country areas and in some ways, is far less comprehensive than some of the others we have reviewed, e.g. Andy’s Bakery in Westbury (Tasmania) and Tilba Bakery at Tilba Tilba (NSW). It would seem to have developed into a meeting place for the café latte set of locals and visitors have followed.


The commercialisation with, for example, motivational CD’s, videos etc ranging up to nearly $300.00, was something we hadn’t come across in a bakery in our 50+ years of travel. The honesty box for quick purchases of pre-cut loaves of bread was a nice country touch. Certainly it looked great, as the timber throughout created a lovely ambiance. In addition to the huge seating area downstairs, there are another 130 seats upstairs, where the rest rooms were also situated. Older folks could have difficulty getting up and down the stairs to visit the necessary ladies or gents.


There was plenty of product, heaps of friendly staff, but there was still one gentleman who complained because others had jumped in front of him in the queue and he only wanted six bread rolls on a Saturday morning.


Bob was disappointed with his vegetable pie as it was all canned vegetables and he ended up with indigestion. On reading the placemat when we arrived in Bright, they do offer a 120% money back guarantee. Our cappuccinos were fine, the bread was quite good (lovely crust) but overall, somehow, for us the whole occurrence was probably just a bit over the top and maybe a bit sterile.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 42 C 8


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