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Bemboka Bakery - Southern Highlands, NSW

Bemboka is only a little town, on the road from Coomba to Bega, but there is a hidden delight at the local bakery. After spending a peaceful night at the local Sports Ground, tendered with loving care by the local Lions Club, we meandered up town to see what other supplies there were.

Remember this is only a tiny town - what a fantastic range!

Not only do you have a magic choice of "non???" fattening cakes but the range of breads is incredible. All I can say is that the locals could taste a different loaf every day and still have some left over.


When you go through Bemboka, the bakery is in the main street. The town doesn't have a huge shopping area but you will soon spot the timber country style shop. Walk inside and you will be greeted warmly, even at 7 am in the morning. We were a little early for the pies, pasties etc., but if the quality of cakes and bread is any guide, it could be a really great spot for an easy lunch or tea.


As you can see, everything is baked on the premises. Maybe that accounts for the magic variety of breads, cakes and slices you have to choose from.

The sign says it all!

Now quite why this sign sits on the side, we didn't really find out. Yes it is a delivery entrance, it is right beside the garbage bins but the proximity of the local pub might be the answer.


There are quite a few crafty items adjacent to the bakery itself and these two delightful ladies will welcome you and invite you to share a cuppa and something delicious of your choice. So if you see someone sitting inside at the table and chairs, go in and have a look - you will end up with a smile on your face for sure!

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace


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