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Berry Bakery in Berry New South Wales
Top Tucker and Very Popular!

You can't miss this one as you drive through Berry on the NSW South Coast as it is right in the centre of town. We believe the pies are great as Gary Dryden from Dryden Trailer Homes lived on them during the Fifth Wheeler gathering in February 2005. (a bit of a pie connoisseur).


Most cakes come in around the $2.50 mark. We tried the vanilla slices (naturally!) and the baked cheesecake. Both get the thumbs up! The range is very extensive and very well displayed.


This bakery seems to be the pie centre of Berry (3 bakeries in a tiny town!) and does get extremely busy every lunchtime and what can only be described as hectic all day on weekends.

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 30 C 7


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