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Savoie Patisserie in Bright
Victoria's High Country - Tasty Treats!

This typical country bakery is right in the centre of Bright in Victorias High Country on the way to the snowfields. Our visit coincided with the fantastic Bright Autumn Festival. Bright has three good bakeries but we singled this one out as it had more exotic "creations"! As quite often happens, from the female viewpoint, we tend to need "retail therapy". This doesn't mean necessarily purchasing things - even window shopping will give us that "fix". I had been wandering around the town, looking in all sorts of shops and occasionally making purchases to bring home little light weight presents for family and friends. All of a sudden I noticed it was 3.55 pm and Bob had been on his own (with Rex) for hours. As I got to the corner, I noticed this Patisserie was still just open and thought I had better to do the right thing and get him some smoko - hence these two delicious tarts (these just have to be one of MY favourites!)


They were just as delicious as they looked. The cardboard box was great as I could put it on top of my green shopping bag and they got home without being crushed. Next time we are in Bright this has been marked as one of my non window shopping sites, so we can try some of the other beautiful pastries and cakes they have. After all that walking around, what with the Bright festival and window shopping, I reckon I could manage to be just a little bit naughty!

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 42 E 9


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