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Choux Choux in Bangalow
Northern New South Wales

Bakeries between the Gold Coast and the fantastic CMCA Casino Village are very thin on the ground. Our thanks to Vince Moran for pointing us in the direction of Choux Choux! How he ever found it in that huge Winnebago with a car in tow is beyond us! Now if you just want to buy something simple like a fruit bun well you just wont find it at Choux Choux. Everything they sell is a gastronomic delight - in fact many are masterpieces! The carrot slices for instance are just to die for!


They have a marvellous bread they call Ploughmans. It is a simple wholemeal but it is so different to the norm and it has a fantastic crispy crust.


Parking in Bangalow with even a small motorhome is quite hairy. Now there is a bus stop used only in school hours right out the front. We tend to park on the western side just past the round-a-bout when coming from either Casino or Tweed Heads.


Choux Choux is right at the edge of the western end of Bangalow - next to the top pub. Parking can be a bit of a nightmare due to its popularity with locals. If you're in a motorhome or caravan, I suggest you turn right coming from Brisbane and park just down the road near the fruit and vegetable shop. If coming from Casino, stop before the T intersection on the opposite side of the road to the same shop. It's worth the walk - besides that will get rid of some of the calories you are about to totally enjoy!

Absolutely and totally recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 25 B 14


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