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Cobbs Old Style Bakery - Port Fairy - SW Victoria

The sign says “Old Style Bakery” and this is exactly what you get with this icon at Port Fairy. Cobbs commenced three decades ago, when Mrs Cobb took a gamble and put her home style cooking talents into a retail environment. The business prospered and she only retired this year, handing over the reins to Trevor Bartlett who did his apprenticeship at the bakery some time ago.

The bakery started with the basics of bread and cakes but now they are not only known for their basics but also for the fancy pies and their slices and muffins. You will see by our photos they are not mean with the size of the slices or muffins either. Many travellers came through purchasing bread from the several varieties available – anything from sour dough to soy and linseed to four seed. In recent times a sandwich bar was added due to the numerous requests “Can’t you make this delicious bread into a sandwich for me?” or words to similar effect.


On our visit there was a staff of three ladies, all kept very busy. We arrived about 11.30 am and there would have been a dozen people in the shop – some travellers like ourselves, others obviously locals and even some who had rung through orders for sandwiches, probably for a working lunch. Jan was camera shy and wouldn’t be photographed but she told me that “People always comment on our little cakes – the fact that they are not so little.


They really appreciate the home style cooking.” Amanda, the youngest member of the team, very proudly piped in with “And they’re all made here on the premises you know!” And not to be left out, Heather very quietly said that we could always eat in the garden if we wished next time we visited.


Our purchases were wrapped in the old style paper bags which modestly told me that they sold
*pies and pasties
*sausage rolls and party pies
*apple or apricot pies
*largest range of cakes in the district

All Home Made

So at the near the end of the Great Ocean Road, call into 25 Bank Street at Port Fairy (telephone 5568 1713) and we are sure you will find something naughty but nice or something remarkably good for smoko or lunch, even if it is just a loaf of absolutely yummy bread……….now will that be sliced thick or thin?????????

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 38 H5


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