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Fredo's Famous Pie Shop - Mid North Coast - NSW


On the Pacific Highway, just north of Kempsey you will spot an old style shop, all on its own, with two famous statues out the front. Marilyn Munro, in all her glory, welcomes you to the Fredo Famous Pie Shop.

Owner Nola Turnbull acquired the shop in April 1993. Till then it was famous as the Fredo Ice Cream shop, a reputation established in the 1970’s as having “the best ice creams on the central coast”. Come winter, the ice cream trade decreased radically. So, soon after, Nola introduced a range of home made pies and at the International Catering Trade Fair held in Sydney in 1994, was awarded a Silver Medal in the “official” Great Aussie Meat Pie competition. 1995 saw Nola and her pies featured on the “Today” show on television. In 1996, she once more gained recognition with awards in both the plain and gourmet sections plus a spot in a documentary shown on German television. The Fredo Pie CV reads like a “whose who” of awards with places every year in numerous sections.


From an initial range of basic varieties, the list of fillings has grown to over 150 types including crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo and emu. Originally about 20 varieties were baked each day, but now it is about 50. There are the staples like the plain meat pie, steak and kidney, vegetarian, chicken and vegetable, sausage rolls, apple and rhubarb, and lemon meringue - not to mention the “truckies special” which has to be the most favoured of the on road travelers.


The ice creams are still there - as can be seen by the photos - and busloads of tourists have it down as a “must stop” point on their tours. Whether you get an ice cream or a pie is up to you, but suffice to say there is something for everyone at Nola’s Fredo Pies and Ice creams.


Initially the pies were all made on the small shop premises, but the growth in demand necessitated that Nola obtain larger premises in South Kempsey. The fully export approved, state of the art factory employs 22 people at present. From here, Fredo Pies are wholesaled throughout New South Wales, but there is still room for more expansion of production Nola advises.


Fredo Pies are a good example of someone finding a niche, using creativity, developing the product, providing a service to the community and employing people with great ability. Nola Turnbull loves her business, happily working at it 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm or later when it is accounts time of the month.


So what did we have? Well as we arrived immediately after lunch so traditional pies were definitely out, so we got a couple of lemon meringue pies as pictured for smoko. Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace


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