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Bucks Bakery - Landsborough - Sunshine Coast Queensland

We accidentally discovered this bakery on our way to Solar Panel Xxpress to purchase solar panels and inverters for our new Leisure Seeker. Do you know how sometimes you see a sign which says "X" and off you go - but really there was a better turnoff further on? Well, that's what happened here. We hadn't planned to have an early "smoko" but, if you know Bob, you know that every bakery has to be taste-tested. The bakery is owned and run by David and Jenny Veigel.

Yes you can get those oh so naughty double vanilla slices!

We did try to be "reasonable" with sharing half of each of the slices. The fruit tarts looked absolutely delicious as did the mud cake and cheesecakes. Two German visitors were the other customers at 9 am in the morning - they were regulars and this was their weekly Monday treat.

A good book and terrific smok is pretty close to Heaven!

To find the Landsborough bakery, take either Landsborough turnoff, go over the railway line and turn right. The bakery is opposite the car park for the train station. It's not in the general shopping area, but certainly it is worth seeking out if you are in the area. Like many small villages, the travelling customers make a big difference to turnover, and the Landsborough Bakery would be no exception. Bucks is open seven days at 26 Cribb Street, Landsborough. Email - and phone (07) 5494 1944.

Our recommendation - make sure your smoko stop is a little later than 9 am - while your brain says yes to the extra naughtiness, our tummies said it is really a little early for anything too rich - and there are plenty of rich cakes and pastries to tempt you. Well worth visiting.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

UPDATE 30/10/04

Hi - was just playing around on the computer and came across you site and wonderful 'plug' for our bakery. Thank you so much for writing such nice things! Stay safe on your journey around OZ.
Cheers; Jenny Veigel



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