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Moruya Bakery - Far South Coast - NSW

There is an excellent bakery - Mylotts on the southern end of the shopping centre in Moruya and one of our favourites. Just across the road next to the BP servo is a nice little Internet cafe for those wanting to check their email whilst you wait for your better half to pick up the smoko. There is a good fish and chip shop just south of the bakery on the same side of the road. Another dreadful temptation is the Darrel Lea shop right opposite the bakery with a gorgeous fabric shop next door.

Mylotts Bakery in Moruya in NSW
Bet you haven't seen scales like these for yonks?

Moruya itself is a lovely clean town set on the banks of the Moruya River. There is a very nice picnic area immediately on the southern bridge approach - turn east. There is a tap near the launching ramp (on the white wall and hard to spot). Those wishing to replenish supplies there is a Woolworths on the south east side of town one street back. Very bad signage! You can see it as you drive past the Holden dealer Surfair Motors. Park here if you have a long rig and just walk through the special walkway in the middle of the dealership. (red sign saying Parking at Rear).

Those things on the back wall are all prize winning pennants!
Have you every seen so many trophies?

Now the bakery is really something else again, and we have never come across so many trophies and pennants. The shop is absolutely spotless and they make bread to die for! Lots of vegetarian things as well. So yes we absolutely recommend this wonderful country bakery.


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