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Orbost Bakery - East Gippsland - Vic.

You have to be very careful when looking for the town's bakery as it is so easy to get it totally wrong! In our case we had spent three days in Orbost and didn't discover this little gem until we were driving out a different way! You see it wasn't in the main street as one would expect. The bakery has been in the family for a couple of generations and had only recently moved to new and expanded premises, when we discovered it. The lack of sign writing was to be remedied soon, we were promised.

The shop's absolutelyspotless!
Country bakeries are such fantastic spots!

As we were on our way out of town after lunch, our purchase was only multigrain bread, but the quality, when we had it for dinner that night, made us wish we had purchased two loaves. As can be seen all baking is done on the premises - all the equipment was totally spotless. Like all the reviews on this site, these photos were taken without any notice, so you can see the care and attention to hygiene and cleanliness.


A small coffee table/seating area was being established, so next time we are in town, we will call in again and see if the slices, cakes or pastries are of similar quality to the bread. I can't wait! Orbost is 40 kms north of Lakes Entrance just off the highway and is wonderful motorhome territory. Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

Hema 43 K14

UPDATE 16 March 2005
Well we came back and the signage is now quite good and yes we got to try the delicious cakes! There is a terrific camping shop right next door with super friendly staff and yes they do gas refills - will even wheel a full bottle out to your RV! That's country folks!


You can see by the amount of stock compared to our last visit that business is really booming and these photos were taken in the shoulder season.



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