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Richmond Bakery - Richmond - Central Tasmania - WOW, WOW & WOW!!!!!

Trust us - this really is as good as it gets! Richmond Bakery is situated in the historic township not that far from Hobart. If you haven’t been here, you have really missed something special. The township is a tourist’s delight. Be warned guys – make sure the ladies leave their purses, wallets, credit cards and cash behind in the motorhome. There are just so many temptations it is unbelievable. However ladies, there is a way to counteract that dictate. Tell your guy – “I will treat you to anything you want at the Richmond Bakery if I can go and wander around the town.” Trust me it really works - first time round that is!


There are just so many treats in this store it is hard to know where to start to sing their praises. You can see the prize winning ribbons hanging everywhere, then there is the really comprehensive menu and lastly – just look in the display cases – the decisions are toooo hard.


I must admit I asked for assistance and requested recommendations from the staff. It ended up a toss up between a raspberry fruit flan and an apricot fruit flan, both of which were topped with local fruit. We had picked lots of blackberries along the roadside, so I though the raspberries could be worth a try.


The bread similarly was another difficult choice. The experience could be best described as a smell-aroma. We tried a poppy seed loaf and a multigrain. Both were as good as it gets. There is absolutely NOTHING the most fastidious bakery lover could criticise about this truly magnificent bakery - its just got the WOW factor. Freshly brewed coffee wafted through the shop and tempted you even further. It is always busy even though our visit was way before morning tea. The baking industry could do well to conduct tours/seminars to this bakery for training.


Whenever you are in this area, the Richmond Bakery is an absolute total must visit. Whatever you choose, our taste test would indicate there won’t be any disappointment. The only thing is how to get Bob to detour back through Richmond when we are in the area….but knowing his love of bakeries, I don’t expect that will be a problem at all. You can get even mo

If this got a rating it would have to be 11 out of 10 – yes it is truly that good.

Absolutely and totally recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 53 F11


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