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The Ross Bakery
Historic Ross - Central Tasmania

Ross is another historic town in scenic Tasmania and many people would be very well aware of the famous Ross River Stone Bridge. The main street of Ross is not that long and the Bakery is easy to find. Large shady trees flank it and you have the choice of sitting under the trees or just outside the shop itself. There, ladies in period dress will wait you on. Motorhome parking is very easy as long as you stay on the outskirts.


Inside, there is quite a reasonable choice of cakes, slices and breads, plus the option of ice cream cones, single or double, standard or waffle. Yummy!


Our selection was quite good but the ambiance of the Bakery was slightly superior than the actual taste test. Cost wise it was more expensive than the other historic town (Richmond) and did not have the quantity or variety. Nevertheless, it is an extremely good bakery It is a very popular stop with tourist buses as can be seen from the photo above. We loved all the trees along the main street and the little tables scattered here and there.


However, we enjoyed our afternoon tea and would recommend it as being worth a stop when you meander through the town, if for no other reason than just to enjoy the surroundings. The Ross Bakery is on the web at The thin slice is a cake only found in Tassie - you either love it or hate it!

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 55 J11


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