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St Helens Bakery
St Helens - Eastern Tasmania

St Helens is the Riviera of Tasmania - it enjoys the hottest climate and boasts the most days of sunshine and it has an absolutely motorhome friendly council - BreakO'Day. The local population is only a shade over 2000, so there is just the one bakery but two really good supermarkets selling a good range of commercial bread. Our visit was very early in the morning, hence the very grey looking photo of the exterior. The shop inside is absolutely spotless and they also sell coffee and light meals - either sit inside or out.


Not a huge range of cakes(it was early though) - we tried the date scones at $1.40 a pop, a couple of truffles and some multi grain rolls. This little lot as pictured came to $10.40 - a bit high we thought, but one has to remember that this is a tourist area with about zero competition. We would liked to have seen items on display with a price. Nothing in this shop was priced at all other than a note in the front window advertising breakfast for $7.50. A spotlessly clean shop with all staff (4) in a snappy uniform. Service was dreadfully slow despite only one other customer.


The scones were something to die for - just out of the oven with a lovely moist texture and very fruity. We loved the truffles and next time round will try the rum balls! The bread however was most disappointing, as only two hours after purchasing it was soggy. We will be back for cakes though!

Absolutely recommended! (cakes only)

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 55 F14

UPDATE 1/3/04

We came back to St Helens twice - still the same very slow service with a lass handling bread without gloves. On the second occassion we bought some multigrain sliced bread. This was fair, but had lots of voids. We also wanted to buy anything vegetarian for lunch, BUT they just don't have anything at all and seemed to think that chicken is vegetarian faire. On the third occassion we asked if the bread was today's bake, and we were assured that it was, as we have found in Tassie that you do get sold old stock with no reduction in cost. Well you guessed it - yesterdays bread and bad value for stale bread, with a small loaf at $3.00. We absolutely will never buy bread there again. So far as we are concerned three strikes and you're out! We asked around with the locals out as far as Binalong Bay, and many said they wouldn't buy in the shop because of the zero pricing. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Please email us your experiences here in St Helens or in other no pricing bakeries. Thank goodness this practice is super rare!


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