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Tilba Bakery - NSW Far South Coast

This story should be called the Naughtiest Smoko Stop in Australia! Why you might well ask? Well it's the bakery - it's just toooooooo gooooood Now I do have a reputation for being a little verbose on occasions - beware this could well be one of them. Tilba Bakery is just something else. It has won the award for the Best Vanilla Slices in New South Wales (a viewers choice competition run by the NRMA) plus numerous other awards for pies, cake, fruit flans and more.

To be honest, this is one place where we pigged out not once - but twice - within a few days. Fortunately there are lots of lovely beach walks in the area and this did compensate just a little bit! Custard fruit flans - apricot or blueberry Danish - for breakfast??? Yes, well we have to confess - we did it even though one of our golden rules in life is nothing but fruit before lunch! Well some of those pastries did have a lot of fruit in them!

Yes these win guys win the best vanilla slices awards in NSW
Well its got fruit so it MUST be health food?

Our first trip to Tilba was reasonably early on a Sunday morning and we were amazed at the number of people wandering around the heritage-listed town. We did walk the whole town and parked the Possum House on the outskirts of the town to minimize our calorie intake. So later in the week, we came on a weekday and made sure we had to walk a little further again.

The range of pastries is extensive
Even been featured in all the womens magazines!

It’s probably best to let the pictures tell the story. Suffice to say, this is an ABSOLUTELY MUST PLACE TO VISIT - for the bakery - for the beauty of the town - for all the little businesses (especially the crafty and quaint ones).

The shop is absolutely spotless
Rolls and buns abound!

If you can’t find something to absolutely tantalize your taste buds here, you’ve burnt your tongue with the hot coffee and tea before settling into the serious business of being naughty, or you’re not a bakery connoisseur of any standing at all.

It's hard to find a seat around lunch time!

Now on the downside! This of course is a heritage listed village so parking is a nightmare. If you have a long rig your ONLY option is to arrive BEFORE 9 AM otherwise you will find yourself walking miles. Even with our little Freeway we had to use the drop off and call back on the handheld UHF CB when ready to be picked up. This of course is not too good if you both want to do some sight seeing. All the roads in the area are UK village style and it is very hilly.

You can sit out in the garden if you wish
Another section of the verandah - charming old building

If you get time there is a delightful little walk up the hill behind the bakery and on up to the water reservoir. Lots of excellent photo opportunities on this walk. Yes it is all uphill, but coming back is very easy! We spotted a few good potential free camping spots heading out to the south. Worth checking out as then one could pop back to check out brekkie the next day!

The incredible range of fancy breads

We really don't need to actually tell you all our opinion of this place - now do we?

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace



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