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Scallop Pies at Triabunna in Tasmania - WOW!

We discovered this wonderful gem totally by accident. We overheard a sales rep on his cell phone telling his boss how great the scallop pies were in Triabunna. So we high tailed it around to the local bakery only to find that they had had a catastrophic machinery failure and were waiting for "bits". Yes you guessed it they had nothing to sell!


Not to be put off we went up the road to a little takeaway cum coffee shop. What a spot! They only make 30 pies a day in one of those little Breville pies makers. Fantastically cheap - a dollar less than the north coast of Tasmania. And yes these were absolutely chocka with delicious Tassie scallops. Now bear in mind that a SINGLE scallop cooked in Brissie costs an horrific $2.00.


This is as good as it gets pie wise. Overnighting in Triabunna is also super friendly. You can park down by the wharf near the information centre. If you tell them in the information centre they will leave the showers open. They also have good Internet in business hours. You can also stay for $5.00 a night at the Triabunna Motel/Hotel. We really love this area and its wonderful people.

Absolutely and totally recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 53 E 12


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