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Aussie Bobs - Port Stephens - NSW


Situated just around the corner from the sea front at Shoal Bay, you will find Aussie Bob’s Fish & Chips. Parking for motorhomes isn’t easy outside or even near the shop, but there is plenty at 45 degrees to the water slots just a few metres along the main drag. This is limited to vehicles under 6 metres! So the best bet is to drop off the "ordering person" and park the motor home on the waterfront near the launching ramp - no more than 500 metres. There is a good turning circle there as well with few overhead hazards. We were amazed at the lack of choice in chippies in the Port Stephens area as it really is a very fishy place.

The camera shy staff at Aussie Bobs!

The staff here were extremely friendly. The fish on display certainly looked fresh and we weren’t disappointed with the end result. This was certainly better value than Saltmines at Soldiers Point and the gem was beautifully cooked, crumbed at no extra cost. The chips were crispy and the potato scallops just the right degree of crunchy without dripping oil. Total cost for a feed for two with three scallops as well, cost a reasonable by NSW standards $15.50 (November 2002)

Not a huge variety but it is spotless

It was a Wednesday night, not the sort of night you would expect to be busy, but there were at least six customers waiting for service and lots more sitting outside enjoying an Al Fresco meal on the tables. The photos were taken early one morning so obviously there are no customers!

Aussie Bobs seafood faire!

Once you have purchased your fish and chips or burgers of many styles, there is always the option of dessert in the form of ice cream from the section next door. We were very good on this occasion and didn’t take the ice cream option, but there is always next time. Well worth a visit

Absolutely recommended for the food and the views!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 23 E11



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