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Coffs Harbour Fishermans Co-Op
Far North Coast - NSW

This is an absolutely magic location, right on the waterfront of the marina. A quick walk behind the shop takes you up onto the break water wall. Great looking fishing spot. Parking could be a problem for larger rigs as this actually a wharf working area mixed up with extensive retail. However, the reality didn’t quite equal our expectations. Maybe we are spoilt by places such as Chinderah and PKG at Tweed Heads which are also fish co-ops, but the prices charged at this co-op were considerably higher to anything in Queensland, especially when the size of both fish and prawns were only average.

This really is a fantastic location
You can dine outside overlooking the water activities of the fishermen

Lack of reasonable clientele numbers at lunch time on a Saturday might indicate that others also knew what we discovered, or was it just a bad day??? Another bad sign was no one we spoke to was a local.

This is just across the road!
Another shot across the road

If you want a lovely spot for lunch, it’s excellent, but don’t starve yourself beforehand. Overall quite OK, but not one of our best finds as we felt it was very poor value for money.

Chrissy Eustace


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