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Daylesford Seafood Bar - Daylesford - South West - Victoria


When you first come into Daylesford on a Sunday, the immediate impression is – wow – so many people in such a little country town. Then you realise Daylesford is only 100 kms or so from Melbourne, so it makes the ideal Sunday drive for many city inhabitants.

There are numerous cafes, many with sidewalk seating, but since it was fairly late in the day, Bob decided that he had been very, very good and maybe he could indulge in fish and chips. If I was to say that he spots fish and chip shops and bakeries from a mile away, you probably wouldn’t be surprised – and this was the case here. A little unobtrusive shop in the main street, Vincent Street, was his chosen site.

The in store display we checked through the window looked excellent – plenty of ice and not too much seafood left at the end of the weekend. Two of our favourite King George Whiting and chips for $10 seemed good value. Personally I was still content from our quiche for lunch, so a few chips from Bob’s parcel would be sufficient to sate my lack of hunger.

The two girls in the shop were both extremely polite and helpful. One gave absolutely spot on directions as to how we could find the bookshop on the lake. Go on the Ballan Road, till you come to the BP service station and turn right – exactly right – but that was after we had the fish and chips.


The Whiting were coated in batter (as is the case in most Victorian fish shops as compared to our usual slightly more healthy crumbed in Queensland) and were cooked to perfection. The potato chips were extra tasty and also cooked from raw – not frozen. You can taste the difference when you are a fish and chips connoisseur like Bob (he assures me). There weren’t any outdoor tables/chairs so we sat on a nearby bench seat and Rex made sure we noticed him sniffing the air – indicating “what about my fish???” so he got a couple of little pieces of the whiting. That met with his approval too.


So when you’ve done your coffee laitte thing and visited all the antique and clothes shops, we thoroughly recommend the fish and chips as the perfect end to a very interesting day. Then you can go down to the lake and walk the perimeter, check out and taste test all the springs – and before you know it, you have done your aerobic exercise and walked off any naughtiness you’ve accumulated during the afternoon. Oh yes – don’t forget to go into the bookshop – we found a few real treasures. There are lots of second hand items and even quite a few first editions. A bookworm’s paradise.

Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 39 D11



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