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The Bridge Fish Seafoods - Kawana
Queensland Sunshine Coast

Now this is not the closest Fish and Chippie to Queensland RV the Winnebago dealers on the Sunshine Coast, BUT it simply has to be the best! Now don’t get suspicious, Tony and the boys at Queensland RV, it just happens that when we come to do your website updates in the morning. Or does that mean that Bob is manipulating me again, so he say he is starving and plead that we have lunch before we go home???? I wonder!!

Not cheap but really good!

On some occasions we have Rex (our border collie) with us, so we park on the opposite side of the river. I walk over the bridge, select our lunch and wander on back, giving Bob a call on the two way (CMCA channel 20), to make sure he has the table set, ready to receive the beautifully presented selection shown above. Well it must be healthy as isn't that salad you can see there?

Yes, this was taken on a different day!
Apart from great seafood they hagve fantastic salads as well!

When we don’t have Rex, we sit on the verandah, complete with shady trees with cutouts through the decking, enjoying the to-ing and fro-ing of local water craft. Either way, as you can see from the photos, the quality and presentation is really excellent and well worth the visit.

Bridge Seafoods at Kawana
The displays are all mouth watering

Oh yes, another trick of Bob’s - just two doors up the road is an ice-cream shop - low calorie of course - and that makes a lovely dessert with a double scooped cone! Do you ever get the feeling you are being conned???

Absolutely Recommended 110%

Chrissy Eustace


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