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Kermies and Hurseys - Stanley
North Western Tasmania

It wasn't hard to spot the big crayfish waiting to swoop on incoming customers. That made the decision for us of what to have for an early dinner. We are always attracted to fish and chip shops right on the waterfront and near the actual fishermen! There are two sections to Hursey's Seafoods. On the right hand side are the large tanks where you can select your own crayfish (or lobster). The price was $35 per kilo which was a bit more than we had paid in other areas of Tasmania. So we decided to go next door to Kermies Foodbar and selected the fish and chips - that was until Bob saw the crayfish roll.


As you can see there was a lot of crayfish as well as a little bit of lettuce and it was topped with home made thousand island dressing. He gave this an 11 of out 10 rating!!! The bun was totally fresh, but Bob is a spoil sport and won't let me put up the photo I took of him devouring this roll - he reckons it's too naughty to show his mouth absolutely full and the look of glee on his face!!!


The fish was Blue Grenadier cooked in batter as seems to be the norm in all of Tassie. We got three pieces because they thought the size was a little small. By the time Bob had finished his roll, he could only manage one piece of fish with a few chips. I rarely manage more than one piece of fish and a few chips - so Rex our Border Collie scored a whole piece of fish and the extra chips. The whole lot cost us $19.50 and would have fed three people easily.

Absolutely recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 54 C 3



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