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Montagues - Narooma - Far South Coast - NSW

Before we get going on this one, a few words about actually finding the place! Our first visit was a disaster as we were towing and heading south. Montagues is on a step hill with difficult parking. We did a "U" turn about a mile further up the road, but still had parking problems! Nowadays we turn left at that tiny road BEFORE the shop and park there. It is not real brilliant level wise, but you can get by. In summing up our first visit was dangerous and stressful as it is a very busy road.

The shop on the "hill"
The view from the Freeway - not from the rear as usual due to site "difficulties"

If numbers of customers is a criteria for a good fish and chip shop, then this is one of the best. No matter when we have been there, there is always a line-up - from 11 am to 3 pm or later - it doesn’t seem to matter. You get a number and the usual wait is at least 20 minutes - but it is worth it. There are bar stools and chairs for customers to wait, and a selection of magazines and local newspapers.

Sadly there is a for sale sign on this block used for dining
Not a bad view for taking lunch!

The quality and pricing is excellent. Some shops have their specialities and we can really recommend their "ling". What makes this even better than normal is the outlook - where else can you park and enjoy views like these? There was a development sign on the vacant block next door during our last visit, so we are hoping that doesn’t mean multi story units or something horrid that will spoil this magnificent vista.

A photo taken on a previous visit without the bush fires

Definitely not to be missed if you’re in the area.

Chrissy Eustace


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