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Morrisons Seafoods - Strahan
South West Coast of Tasmania

Our trip south to Strahan from Burnie gave us some of the most diverse scenery of our trip around Tassie. When we arrived at Strahan, a huge rain squall had just come in. It was late in the afternoon, so, of course, Bob's tummy decided it was time for hot food - and with eagle eye accuracy, he spotted Morrison's Seafoods on our exploratory trip around the Esplanade.


There is a large bitumen car park plus a well graveled area for buses and motorhomes. Being only 5 PM it was a bit early for the evening meal trade, but there were still customers before us. That was a good omen we decided.


The choices were limited - seafood basket, fish (flake) and chips, grilled fish from the servery with chips and salad to eat in. The place was spotless. The seafood basket took my fancy as there was white fish, calamari ring, scallop, seafood bite, crumbed prawn and chips for $8 each. We could have had fish and chips for $11.50 for two but the extras were more tempting.

The waiting time was not long at all and the meal was beautifully cooked. I decided Bob had been good so got him a dozen unopened oysters for $5 as a special pressie. The shells were rock hard so he had a little exercise, but the temptation within was worth the effort he tells me. We sat in our motorhome right beside the water, thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and wished that the sun might come out tomorrow so we could do more exploring.

Recommended and good value for money at $21 for a really good sized meal and entree for two hungry people and a dog.

Absolutely recommended

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 52 C 3



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