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PKG Seafoods - Tweed Heads - Far North Coast - NSW

Hidden along the western side of Kennedy Drive beside the beautiful Tweed River, PKG is a fishing co-op with simply dozens and dozens of resident seabirds to keep the customers company. To find PKG, take the Kennedy Drive exit off the highway when approaching Tweed Heads, turn right and proceed about 1 km along. It is on the left hand side and there is a reasonable amount of tarmac parking. You have a choice of purchasing cooked or uncooked fish, prawns and other seafood delicacies. A recent installation is an ATM - obviously people were deciding to fill up their freezers if their own fishing endeavours had failed!

Parking is not too good for longer rigs
It gets very busy on weekends

Variety and price wise, this is one of the best we know. Most fish fillets are generally around the $4 mark cooked and coconut crumbed prawns less than $1 and the chips are just scrumptious! Scallops, calamari and all the usual seafood bits are available too. The refrigerated bay in the adjacent room contains a massive quantity and selection of seafood species, including raw and cooked prawns.

You can choose to eat in the dining room, under the cover of a large verandah or at the picnic style tables. There is a swing set for children. If you choose the picnic style tables, you will find a ready number of seagulls eager to share your leftovers. There are signs asking you not to feed the birds, but not too many people adhere to this request.

As you can see the area is not very level
You can also buy fruit during the weekend

Over the railing is the Tweed River and here you may find literally dozens of pelicans, elegantly parading near the water’s edge, waiting patiently for their scraps to be thrown. A thoughtful touch is the provision of a cold water tap near the picnic tables - great to wash hands before and after eating. This is definitely one of our best fish and chip discoveries ever - we often purchase dory and prawns, and freeze for later use. To date, we haven’t had one "off" purchase and believe me there have been plenty! Yes you can take your doggie with you to dinner as long as you use the outdoor area.

Totally not to be missed!

Chrissy Eustace



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