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Robe Seafoods - Robe - South East - South Australia

We were told this is one of THE places for seafood, particularly crayfish, in South Australia, if not the whole of Australia - and our sources were spot on. Lets face it - CMCA members never get it wrong on recommendations do they?


The shop from the outside is not at all spectacular. However, once you go inside, you can see why we were told to come here. There are obviously a lot of customers at times, judging by the facilities for cooking. Fortunately we were at the end of the lunch period, so there wasn't any rush of customers. The presentation as you can see from the photo above, was spot on - the price of $25 was also spot on - and when we did our taste test - it was totally spot on. We did have some chips and Bob as usual had some oysters too, but the cray was perfect in both texture and taste.


We did have one problem. Rex, our border collie, loves fish. Bob waved a crayfish leg over his nose as a tease and he showed huge excitement. Then Bob broke the leg in two and let Rex suck out the succulent tiny bits of meat from the leg casing. He licked his lips for several minutes afterwards. Needless to say we think he could develop a taste for this delicacy but the budget doesn't stretch that far - sorry puppy dog! If you are heading from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Princess or Glenelg Highways, make sure you take a detour to the coast so you go through Robe. The time spent doing so, and the small amount of fuel involved, will be more than repaid when you go in and get your crayfish - no matter what time of day.

Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 63 B12



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