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Tandara Motor Inn - South Eastern Tasmania
Best Value Meals in Tasmania

This little gem is one you wouldn't know about, unless the grapevine told you. We were SMS'd by friends Kay and Keith Small on our recent trip to Tassie for the Quercus Park CMCA rally. When they told us to go to a motel, we wondered what they were all about. But - how right they were!


It would seem that the Tandara Motor Inn might be larger than the area requires for accommodation but we could see why the dining room was the size it was - with meals like we found there, people would probably come for miles to have their meal.


"Only order the half sized meal," Kay and Keith had warned us. Bob, as many of you might know, is very good on the tooth and reckons he can do excellent justice to any smorgasbord. On this occasion, he was wrong and our mates were right. The photo above shows you the half sized meal - all for an incredible cost of $8.00. It had fish, scallops, prawns, calamari, seafood bits, a small salad and chips, tartar sauce and lemon - plus you could have a bread roll and butter too!!! Now that's real value!!


Sandra and Lee, who were with us, decided to have vegetables instead of salad and as you can see - this was equally as good a serve - and yes it is a half sized meal too! We made sure we had a few drinks because we felt a little guilty to receiving so much food for so little $$. Manager Julieanne was away in Hobart when we called but the staff were totally efficient. You can have a break any time you need it Julieanne and know that things will run smoothly.

CMCA members can park on several of the large grassed areas and use one of the motel rooms as an ensuite for an exceptionally cheap cost of $5 per night. Water is available too! In the Lifestyle section you can read about The Wedding at the Rally. When you see the beautiful wedding cake - this is another of Julieanne's creations. She is a magic lady we are told - sorry we didn't get to meet her - but we will be back there on our next visit to the area.

How do they make the meals for the cost they charge?? All we can say is to make sure you put the Tandara Motor Inn dining room on your visit to the South East corner of Tasmania before the word gets out to all the mainland tourists.

110% recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 53 E 12



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