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Mid North Coast - New South Wales

Wow! Every dedicated gardener should display one of these! Just how ingenious can you get? We loved the tap and the way all the low cost materials blended in. This area would have to be one of the most attractive valleys in NSW. We didn't come across one hoon mark or see any derelict vehicles on any property. Most roads in the area are narrow bitumen with zero motorhome access problems as long as you dawdle along! We could have easily photographed at least a dozen more interesting letterboxes. We were told that a newspaper story said is was a gay area and of course this made many move in and land values to go sky high. We feel this possibly accounts for why everything is neat as a pin everywhere one looks. We only came across one property for sale by the way.

At present this one is the best letterbox we have found in New South Wales! We were beginning to despair at finding anything really out of the ordinary. We have photographed all angles to make it easy for anyone wanting to make one! Yes this little guy is made out of an inverted old drum! The owners dog took a fancy to us and ended up having morning tea of "Smackos" with us! You could possibly get away with giving one to your young son for Xmas as he has such a space age feel. How about those eyes! A really fantastic effort.

You really owe it to yourself to fully explore the wonderful area of Hannam Vale, Johns River and beyond! There is more about the quaint little village in the smoko section of this Website.

Very hard to photograph this one as we feel it has fallen down and been "temporarily" tied up with fencing wire - what else as after all we are in the country folks! You will have to agree that the artwork is absolutely stunning, is it not? Yes this is a couple of K's off the bitumen but again quite motorhome friendly. It is in the most stunning valley we have come across.

We just had to include the "saw" as it all matches the wonderful letterbox. We found this one almost at the end of the road and yes you can turn round easily provided you don't venture further. We reckon this is the most upmarket milk churn we have come across so far.

Talk about in an English garden! The garden and house match this charming letterbox exactly! A real credit to the obviously house proud owners. We got to know some of the local residents at the end of this road and they are all fantastically interesting people.



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