Around-Oz: Living the Dream!


Northern New South Wales


Coo-ee is a funny call we make in Australia when we are "lost" in the bush! We loved the pink Ansell rubber glove. You pull it out when you want the mail "collected"!

Note the pink glove!

Absolutely no prizes for working out that this one is at the entrance to a great little winery!

Yes it is a winery

This is a great example of utilising any scrap materials laying about the farm!

Corrugated iron is a perfect material

Talk about being in the doghouse! This was so big you could shelter inside from the rain!

Easy to make large letterbox

Wow! A pink flamingo on the loose!
Great use for out of date gas bottles!

Wow! Pink Flamingos! These appear out of nowhere, on the top of a hill. Fantastic use for all those out of date gas cylinders.



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