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Queensland Darling Downs

Heiffer Creek - Queensland Darling Downs

This is a back to front dairy pail. You stick a flag in the tube on top if you want the mail contractor to pick up your letters.
This farm is about 2 KMS west of the rest area

Dairy pails would have to be one of the most popular letterboxes you will find in country Australia. The dairy industry is in poor shape at present with many farmers having to walk away from properties that have been in their families for generations. The upside is though that there are lots and lots of pails laying about just waiting for some TLC!

Clever use of old water pipe and fittings

This art Noveau is actually the ring gear off the clutch of a tractor! Looks so cooool doesn't it? Leyburn has fantastic free camping with hot showers for $1.00, power for $2.00 - check out the Campsites section.

Anyone for pld bits and pieces?


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