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Queensland Sunshine Coast


Yet another dairy pail. We liked the way the owner used one end for both "jobs"!

This is a great example of utilising any scrap materials laying about as this letterbox is made from an old 20 litre plastic drum. But that's not why it was selected for these pages! Notice it is a motorhomers delight at it has that all important power point installed underneath! This CMCA member does get a lot of overnight visitors and is actually quite famous. Drop us an email if you know who it is!

This is the first wooden cow letterbox we have come across. We absolutely loved the tag in the ear for the house number! The house actually overlooks the magnificent Glasshouse Mountains.

We got this a bit wrong! We mistakenly thought that this was the base from an old Singer treadle sewing machine! It turned out to be an extremely expensive letterbox. The owners might be horrified!

Wow!!! This really is a beautiful letterbox that really matched the house with its perfectly manicured gardens!

This is a pretty spectacular letterbox and would have to belong to a car enthusiast now wouldn't it?



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