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Westbury - Central Tasmania

The best of both worlds!!!

This truly is as good as it gets! You have a smoko spot out the back of a bakery and an easy walk of a couple of blocks to all the local facilities plus a few tourism activities. Accolades of praise must go to Andy's Bakery from all motorhomers, as he has bent over backwards to make any stopover a wonderful experience.

Out the back of Andy's the day before the CMCA Tasmanian rally at Quercus Park in March 2004. Word certainly spread like wildfire particularly the description of the French Vanilla slices. One chap told us they were at least 8 inches long - obviously a keen fisherman!


Plantings of trees and shrubs will add a shade aspect futuristically. The table with bench seats is near a fireplace and yes wood is provided. This is a great spot to catch up with your washing as it is well sheltered from the street and the neighbours are a fantastically friendly bunch of people and given half a chance will yarn to you all day!


Graeme Marr - a local who hasn't been up the "hill" yet and has lived in Westbury for 66 years! Fruit and veges pictured above cost just $4.10! Amazing stuff!


Westbury is a lovely town with many colonial style buildings still intact. The old church sits on a corner at the main intersection. Cottage gardens surround many well maintained homes and it truly is a photographers paradise. Our best advice is to get out there and "walk" the streets as there is just so much to discover.


Several bed and breakfast cottages invite visitors. It is pleasing to see that the character of these buildings has been maintained - something many areas throughout Australia have failed to do. How could anyone resist the Gingerbread Cottage? The picture above is a shot of their side garden taken in Autumn just after the CMCA 2004 Tasmanian Rally at Quercus Park.


The Pioneer Homestead offers everything one could need on a holiday and the pub is just a simply amazing old building so lovingly restored.


There are several tourist attractions including Pearms Steam World shown above right. The English Maze is very popular as is the old tractor museum. The original white bakery has been lovingly restored and is now a museum and B & B.


CMCA member Julie Myers (above right) supported the local supermarket during her two day stay exploring Westbury. Gladys Dyer (above left) of the Brisbane Sunshine Wanderers had a lot of trouble trying to work out which "Death by Chocolate" creation to buy!


Perfect TV reception of all channels, superb water, great dump point, terrific toilets with "mood" music, CDMA and GSM work fine. Chemist and doctors in easy walking distance. What more could a motorhomer want?

Absolutely totally recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 55 G 9



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