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Smoko Bermagui - Far South Coast - NSW

There are literally dozens of absolutely top smoko spots in the township area. We started around the fish co-op and worked our way around the beaches. All spots are truly beautiful and so it really comes down to where you can get a decent park, as this is a very popular place with tourists. Big rigs should head up on the headland behind the launching ramp as there is loads of unrestricted space up there. We have never ever seen so many boat trailers and the fish being cleaned was a sight to behold. All the fish in NSW must live in Bermagui!

View from the rear near the fish co-op
This is near the beach south of town

Walking opportunities are endless and for the really fit you can have a go at the very long coastal walk. Walking around the town can be quite tiring due to a lot of hills. Finding completely level parking spots is also a wee bit hard.

On the waterfront - not bad
Photographers paradise!

Just walking around the boats with all the activity is a great pastime and is a photographers delight as there is so much variation. Lots of green open spaces if you wish to walk your pooch!

The quick walks available
The ducks are everywhere!

The dreaded $500.00 fine signs for "Staying Overnight" are everywhere courtesy of Bega Shire Council. The Christmas king tides inundated many pathways and streets, yet the water here remained crystal clear. Seems to be a pretty doggie friendly spot. Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 31 H 11


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