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Binalong Bay - Bay of Fires
North Eastern Tasmania
Pure Magic!

This spot really is heaven on earth! It is about 15 minutes out from St Helens on a sealed road. You can get your smoko in St Helens from a good choice of food outlets. Currently there is no shop in Binalong Bay as the only one recently closed down due to the ill health of the owners. Both the shots below were taken from the first rest area you come upon when entering "town". It has a good toilet block and it looks like getting three showers shortly. The water is very iffy for drinking, is quite plentiful and quite OK for washing and showers.


Both the photos below were taken just below the parking area. It is a bit on the slopey side and you have a phone box as well. The water flowing down the beach comes from a lovely area called Grants Lagoon. You can camp there legally - the turn off is on Gardens Road just after the Binnalong Bay turn off.


If you have the excellent CMCA January 2004 Wanderer mag you will remember the fantastic photo of what looks like a boat "floating in air" as the water is just so clear. Well folks, the sailing boat below is that very same boat! The locals all seem to agree that this is a "fake" photo as you just cant get water that still in these parts. We visited on four occasions and certainly never found it as calm as this and it was actually our main reason for visiting - we wanted a shot like The Wanderer!


During our stay here we visited the webmaster from the CMCA Island Wanderers - Jim Challis. The photo below is Jim hard at work in absolutely dreadful surroundings! He has to work looking out over all these pictures in this story. A very hard life! Take a peek at his wonderful site. Easily the best chapter site on the web!

Most people visiting Binalong Bay then travel up the coast and visit all the idyllic FREE campsites dotted along the Bay of Fires Conservation area - all allow dogs as well. This area is pure magic and we encourage all visitors to Tassie to place this one right on the top of the "must visit" list.

Absolutely recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 55 E14



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