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Cabarita Beach - Far North Coast - NSW

Forget the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast and head down to Cabarita Beach just south of the NSW/Qld border - you wont be disappointed. Apart from being the most scenic route from Brunswick Heads to the Gold Coast it avoids the notoriously dangerous highway section known as the Burringbar Range - you miss this though if you use the new expressway but of course this is not the most scenic route.

Breakfast with a view
This is Six Star living the motorhome way!

Don't attempt to get into this parking area if you are towing ANYTHING, as there is just no where to turn around, and it's nightmare backing territory. Beautiful tropical pandanus trees abound and make for beautifully framed photos. Don't even think about staying overnight as an on the spot fine of $500.00 applies policed by a private contractor we were told.

Plenty of legal doggie areas
Long empty beach to the south

Lots of dog restrictions displayed on a plethora of signs. The good news is that 200 meters south of the area is a leash free dog area. The choice of beaches to play on is huge!

A lovely nearby secluded beach
The beach to the north

Toilets with outside cold showers - a tap to fill your tanks on the same wall, but forget this if it is busy, as you wont be able to get close enough. We parked right at the northern end and it was level enough for the Electrolux with a bit of fiddling. Bins are few are far between, but plenty of tables and BBQ's and some shade. Walk wise this place is hard to beat. Apart from the excellent wooden walkways to the beaches there is a great walk out to Nobbies Headland (dogs not allowed) and to the north a lovely short rainforest walk with the little critters shown below.

The beautiful board walk up onto the headland
These little guys run around everywhere on the hill walk!

Shops and all facilities are north about half a kilometer but if you have dickie pins remember the walk back is all uphill! Now to score the top spot we had you have to arrive no later than 7:30AM on Saturdays or Sundays. We absolutely recommend Cabarita.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 25 A 14


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