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Fantastic Aussie Humour
Old Dadswell Town - Victoria

What a wonderful spot for a smoko break! If you are a "dinki di" Aussie then you must put this fantastic spot on your "must sees" when next you are in the Horsham area in Victoria. Humour is everywhere you look. "Toilet out of Order - Use far corner"!!


On the way in there is a sign "Super 45.5 cents". Gosh you say, that's fantastic! A little bit further on another tiny sign "Sorry Sold Out"! Old Dadswell Town is right on the edge of the famous Grampians. You can see them in the photo of the verandah.


The township consists of a Village Square surrounded by "old" typical Australia buildings. These are actually all very tastefully furnished B & Bs. Motorhomers are more than welcome to pop in and take a peek and you can overnight provided you are self contained. You are welcome to use the "Shire Office"! GSM, CDMA work fine and TV is acceptable. This story was actually uploaded as we sat parked in the Village Square - the wonders of modern technology!


Our day spent here was most enjoyable. We particularly liked "Max's Drive In Bottle Shop". Another favourite is the "Shire Office" pictured above. Lots more to see, but we wont spoil it by letting you in on all the goodies. Dogs are welcome under control. Finding it is not super easy as due to council regs the signage has to be inside the property. Travelling west it is just 3.5 kms past the township on your left. Max and Jenny can be reached on 0408 737 218 or (03) 5359 5299. The web address is (tons of info here) and email at and of course snail mail at 6237 Western Highway, Dadswell Bridge, Victoria 3385. A photographers paradise tooooooo!

Absolutely recommended

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 38 B 6



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