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Smoko Dolls Point - Sydney - NSW

Ever noticed that north and south of Sydney that there is an almost complete lack of rest areas, apart from the huge NOISY service centres? We cheat and get off the beaten track, as we were both born and breed in Sydney ages ago. So to find this little gem just follow the edge of Botany Bay on the south side of Sydney until you get to the Dolls Point/Ramsgate area just past the airport.

Not very crowded mid week!
Snug and cosy despite the very strong winds

Here it is a lot quieter and yes you will easily find a parking spot, as long as it's not the weekend. As can be seen from the piccies it was blowing a gale the day of our visit. You can park tail in and there are taps for filling your tanks and a clean toilet block at the southern end. Feel like a swim? The shark proof enclosure is right in front of you. Lots of entertainment here as you gobble up your smoko.

Looking north towards the airport
Clean toilets and you can easily fill up with water here

There's windsurfers, passing boats, swimmers and the huge jets taking off from Mascot over the water - they all head right past you. Walking wise this spot is heaven. Just follow the special path south towards the Captain Cook Bridge. It goes for miles and follows the waters edge. The path is all beautifully laid brick pavers and is a bike riders dream!

This walk goes for miles and is great for bike riding
Interesting local beach front residence

To get back on the Princes Highway just head west and you will find it after a couple of kms. If you are heading south, just cross the Captain Cook Bridge and turn right at the second set of lights. This stop made our passing through Sydney a lot more pleasant than normal as it had very friendly locals and was relatively peaceful. Doggies seem to be welcome here as well.Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

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