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Dolphin Point Burrill Lakes NSW South Coast

Wow, this spot is pretty stunning and the local council and Lions etc. are doing the most incredible job of utilising an enormous amount of foreshore for community use. Burrill Lake could certainly be used as a benchmark from which to compare other towns. Nothing is totally perfect though and access is being limited to some headland reserves by reducing them in size by the council, who are no doubt being pressurised by the locals wanting the views all to themselves. Acres of previously empty recreation area have been fenced off and the new parking area holds about six cars! Sad stuff. (up on the headland at Dolphin Point itself) However, you could get lucky like we did and have the place all to yourselves.

Six Star spot!
Our Scottish piper

No toilets, no water but there is a solitary garbage bin which was most welcome as we had just returned from a sojourn in the local State Forests in the Pidgeon House Mountain area, until we got chased out by the horrific 2002 bushfires.

The view from Maria Street Boat Ramp!
Sunrise from the bridge!

The piccies tell it all - a truly beautiful spot and yes you can walk lunch off by going further round the headland and down the quaint stairs to a very private little beach. The views up the coast seem to go on forever. On the way in we noticed a narrow steep, one way lane leading down to the water but decided not to risk it. We checked it out on foot later on another visit, and yes you could get down there without removing your TV antenna and AC! It takes you right to the waters edge with fantastic swimming and of course glorious views and it's all on nice and level bitumen. Zero shade, but lots of good tables and toilets at the western end. We came back to this spot on our return journey and have to say this is just about as good as it gets! An older couple were renewing their wedding vows and as a special surprise their friends had all chipped in for a Scottish piper. Everyone was in tears it was just so moving and all to such a spectacular backdrop, despite the smoke from the disastrous Sydney bushfires at Christmas 2001.

Maria Street boat ramp
Entrance to Burrill Lake

Just as a matter of interest there is a great little privately owned caravan park in the next cove - very dog friendly and we have certainly put it on our list to visit. There is another fantastic smoko spot right on the beach just off a little bitumen road immediately west of the park. This one has the lot including BBQ's, water, an old fashioned bubbler, a heart work out station, covered tables and even a beach shower. It is absolutely waterfront with good safe swimming at all tides. Moving further west brings you to a huge beautifully developed area known as Lions Park. This is immediately adjacent to the highway and you you can't park right on the waters edge. Nevertheless it is still pretty impressive and it has all facilities including a massive picnic shed. Even at Christmas we always found room to park.

It is a bit tricky this story as we are actually in three different spots in the same immediate area, plus the photos were taken over a two week period. If you turn west at the first street on the southern side of the bridge you will come to the Maria Street launching ramp. You can park right on the waters edge on the right side of the ramp. This is a very peaceful and tranquil spot as there isn't a lot of boating activity.

This is Dolphin Point - a bit below the lookout
Dolphin Point lookout

A bit light on facility wise though with only a rubbish bin, but the surroundings more than compensate. The local cruise boat pulls up here every evening and it is good fun watching first time fishermen cleaning their catch on the ramp surrounded by Pelicans. Around 5PM each day a local comes down with a couple a white buckets and feeds the Pelicans.

The massive Lions Park Reserve
This boat comes in at about 5PM every afternoon at Maria Street

Burrill Lake is between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla on the Princes Highway. It is almost a suburb of Ulladulla as it is just 3 kms south and 49 kms north of Batemans Bay. To find the first spot mentioned, travelling south turn first left after crossing the bridge into Dolphin Point Road, then left at a blue Beach sign. There is a nice little "pretend" bakery just south of the bridge and a wonderful fish and chip shop called what else but "The Fish Shop" just north of the bridge. The shop is absolutely spotless and has a great range of prawns. The specialty is boneless flathead - delicious! Not cheap though at $5.80 a piece. Yes we have done a review! There is also a nice picnic spot immediately behind the fish shop - has toilets, rubbish bins, good tables, but no water. Doggies are welcome in this area, but there are some restrictions with walking them on the beach.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

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