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Ettamogah Pub - Sunshine Coast - Queensland

Funny how when you live in an area you tend to drive past the local tourists spots! This is one of two Ettamogah Pubs and this one is located just past the Caloundra turnoff on the Bruce Highway. The complex itself is called Aussie World. Of course the big attraction is the pub, and trust us it is very interesting even if you never touch a drop. Our Border Collie, Rex got the fright of his life when be "sniffed" the wooden dog in his kennel out the front. It gave off the deepest growl! He was almost run over by a passing Police car!


To us the big attraction though is the Sunrise Bakery - in a word fantastic! Follow the link to see pictures of their mouth watering delights. Lots of gift shops with the emphasis on wood with very reasonable pricing. We have tried the fruit and vege shop many times and they have local pineapples to die for - usually two for a dollar!


We always get our supplies at this centre whenever we are travelling up the Bruce Highway from Brisbane - great spot for a late breakfast! You do get good old fashioned service - fruit and veges carried out to our motorhome. Now parking is definitely not motorhome friendly if you arrive in the busy period. If this happens simply stay on the road outside. Even when near empty you have to "straddle" a centre drain and use up two parking spots to get even reasonably level. You could easily overnight here without problems but it is very close to the highway noise wise.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

Hema 7 E13


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