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Evans Head - North Coast - New South Wales
Wonderful Little Fishing Village
Its Got the Lot!!

This spot really is something if you enjoy small coastal villages right in the middle of areas of scenic beauty. We must confess in our first 15 minutes on stumbling upon this place we were extremely disappointed. As usual we were looking for somewhere near the beach to work with pleasant views. We just couldn't find anything travelling north. Yes we found Airport Beach and one could see the sea but it was a very small parking area and anything over 7 metres would have problems parking - only five spots too! The photo below right shows the path to the beach. All those signs more or less saying the same thing are a bit of a turn off. North of this spot is a leash free area for dogs, however the rest of the town is very dog unfriendly.


There is only one caravan park in town and fortunately this is of a high standard with lots of sites having an ensuite. The photo above left is a view of the cabins. It is "sort of" waterfront. A really weird setup. The prime sites by the beautiful river are all empty!!! Locals drive their cars into this section and park riverside. Rather oddly it is only used for "tent overflow" starting Christmas Eve. Dogs are not permitted in any part of the caravan park. We enquired about allowing dogs in the "off season" as many parks bend the rules when the park is half empty and we were told they couldn't do it as the park is on Crown Land.


The photos above show you just what we mean! The power poles and taps are all still in place as per a caravan park. There is a wonderful bikeway right along the river, ending up right at the end of the breakwater. The views looking north are absolutely stunning. However, once again dogs are not allowed in this area at all! The bikeways in this area are just fantastic. You can ride in complete safety from north of the village right out to the breakwater on the southern side of the river. Very few hills and even with "Beta Blockers" none most of us would have to walk up. The bikeways are dedicated tracks through parkland. One follows the waters edge all the way.


Travelling a little south you come to the two photos above. The one on the left shows the bikeway and our Winnebago is actually parked in front of the tennis courts. You are made most welcome when you are on your bike however when talking to people from your motorhome there is an air of hostility towards motorhomers! We enquired further and found that one councilor in the area is dead against motorhomes. We were challenged at 11:15am by a ranger whilst parked (writing this story actually!) at Shark Beach as "there has been a report of a motorhome staying in the area last night". We were "grilled" on where we were the previous night. We commented that the ONLY park will not accept dogs so where does one go? The ranger didn't know. We suggested motorhome rest areas be established as found in Tasmania, to which the ranger replied that he wouldn't like to see anything like the Motorhome Village is Casino coming to Evans Head. On pursuing this line of thought the Ranger was of the opinion that the Richmond Valley Council owned Casino Village!!! As we all know this just isn't so as it is privately owned. Apparently a local radio station has regularly criticised the Village for reasons unknown, going back as far as the CMCA Casino Rally two years ago. We were totally gob smacked at the massive amounts of misinformation circulating in this area. So our advice is, don't even think about free camping in Evans Head, as you will surely cop a fine, as there is absolutely no give or take. This kind of attitude makes one very reluctant to return to Evans Head and you certainly don't sing its praises to others. What's really odd is the neighbouring township of Woodburn is 101% motorhome friendly and has a dump point and an excellent overnighter at Riverside Park - although there is highway noise. Think about this - Woodburn, Evans Head and Casino ALL come under the SAME very progressive Richmond Valley Council. What gives folks?


If you like wide open spaces and room to move, then South Evans Head is the place to go. The photos above show the connecting bridge complete with separate walkway/bikeway and the fantastic fishing facilities. This would have to be the best town on the coast water tap wise. The things are everywhere, so it is paradise for all you water tap "pervs" out there.


The photos above were taken in the fishing boat harbour near the Coastguard. This is a delightful area and a great place for a smoko stop. There is a launching ramp either side of the bridge. Get up early if you want to take photos with lots of reflections. Lots of locals exercise very early in the morning.


Heading further south you come to a beautifully maintained elevated lookout. This also serves as the Coast Guard Station. It truly would have to be the most scenic base in Australia! Yes you even get free wood for the BBQ.


The photo above shows the wonderful view looking north up the coast. Facilities wise Evans Head has the lot. TV reception is very good for lunchtime soaps, CDMA and GSM work fine, the water tastes great and there is a toilet about every half kilometre. In summing up this is a great place for a one day visit, but forget about overnighting anywhere in the Shire. Accolades of praise to the council and staff for the extensive parks and open spaces all maintained to a very high standard.

Absolutely recommended

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 25 C 14



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