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The Delightful Village of Hannam Vale
Mid North Coast - NSW
Almost England but Much Better!

What a wonderful spot for a smoko break as this delightful village is nestled in a picturesque valley with lots of olden day charm! Turn off the Pacific Highway at Johns River (Port Macquarie/Taree) and just go explore on mostly bitumen roads. You can actually do a circular route and come out through the back of the Coopernook State Forest. See the review on this page. The village is virtually surrounded by National Parks.


The "village" consists of four buildings including an impressive school. The general store is the heart of Hannam Vale and is of course the "Happy Hour" supply point! We were rather taken with the sign over the entrance to the school. They also had a great letterbox! This area is just so green and if you can please try to sample the tank water - it's to die for!


There is a nice recreation area beside the Fire Station (on the left coming in - blue sign). We couldn't get our Winnebago in there as its tooooooo narrow, however campervanners would have zero problems. Our day spent here chatting to the fascinating locals was most enjoyable.

Absolutely recommended

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 23 B 13
UBD NSW 18 H 3



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