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Hellyer Gorge - Central Highlands - Tasmania Fantastic!

Half way down the scenic road from Burnie to Rosebery you turn a corner after a very steep descent and then there is a marvelous little bridge with a sparkling clear stream, going over the well polished river rocks.


Across the bridge you will find a well-maintained rest area, complete with flushing toilets and an information shed. Here you can hear the twittering of birds while enjoying the easy walks into the rainforest or back to the riverbanks. There is no provision for camping as such, but it is an ideal spot for smoko. One of the major problems is where to park – so many choices - under the shade of the tall old growth forest trees or on the grassy areas near the tables. It is a credit to the Forestry Department who maintain the total facility.


The riverbank only has limited pedestrian access areas (you can’t drive your vehicle – you have to do some aerobic exercise). However, it is totally worth the effort to see the large variety of ferns and tree ferns, the fallen logs covered with moss and tree trunks with stag and elk horns.


The cascade of the water over the rocks is really soothing and it would be easy to sit beside the stream, read a book or meditate for hours. Coaster size motorhomes can easily camp beside the bridge provided you don't need solar. Now you have all possibly heard about the "two headed" Tasmanians. Well we think this is where they live! The photo of the sink is very interesting. You press the button in the middle and on comes BOTH taps. We figure this has to be to wash two faces together?


If you would like somewhere peaceful and serene, then there is probably nowhere better in Tasmania – plus it is the ideal spot to have the obligatory rest on a long drive and it is an excellent overnight stopover as there isn't a great deal of traffic on this road.

Absolutely recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 54 E 4



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