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Kempton in Central Tassie
Fantastic Free Camping With Free Power!

This is an excellent example of a far sighted local council at work. A huge vacant block of fully grassed land, behind the houses in the main street, has been put to good use encouraging tourism to the area. The photos below really tell it all. If you are into heritage, spectacular scenery and unspoilt rolling green hills, then Kempton is an absolute "must stop". There is an excellent map provided by the council ,but we couldn't find a tourist info centre, so we suggest you pick one up in Hobart or Oatlands or at the council offices in business hours. Kempton is an easy 40 minutes north of Hobart and it's just about impossible to get lost - we didn't need to do even one U-turn! Look for the "blue church" and you just cant miss this rest area. Dogs on leash are most welcome.


The facilities provided quite honestly puts many caravan parks to shame. First up there is a very well made covered picnic area - in fact there are two with the other being half way down the site and opposite the council chambers. The photo below left shows three outside power points. There is also another double near the stainless steel sink.


A black/grey water dump point has been thoughtfully provided outside the very clean public toilets. You can even "flush" this wonderful piece of engineering. Access is brilliantly clear and large rigs will never have a problem. It is located on the rear side of the RSL club. Signage to the dump point is excellent as is the fact that Kempton has a rest area. Kempton is actually on a small highway bypass. Easiest to miss coming from the south. If you do miss it, just keep going and turn left at the northern entry.


The photos above give you an idea of just how big this rest area is, and you can "drive through" if you so wish. Yes you do get a tiny bit of highway noise, but hey you are in Tassie and there is no such thing as heavy traffic! We slept like little lambs!


Water is in plentiful supply with some even staying connected (we don't recommend this as it really is a bit rude). A great spot to do your washing, as it is one of the few rest areas where you aren't in full view of the passing public. The "Happy Hour" photo above (after the washing of course!) shows the two original Craft Barn Coordinators for the CMCA Casino Rally doing a wee bit of planning. Yes all the "produce" is Tasmanian except the Guiness.


The photo above left was taken about 1/3 of the way down. The other shelter shed is just out of view on the right. The impressive building in the right hand photo above is of the council offices - Southern Midlands Council. In a word "immaculate"! We must tell you all how proud the council workers are of their achievements. We spent half an hour with one chap who told us of plans to put in even more power. Another gave the complete run down on the dump point. Look guys, we all aren't looking for total freebies. Put in an honesty box for "donations". Think you might be pleasantly surprised!


On another occasion we visited Kempton with the CMCA Blue Gum Rovers for the wonderful Kempton Festival - held in February each year. Well what a fantastic time we had. Most of the photos below were taken on that long weekend.


There was a huge parade by country standards with everyone participating - even the "Boat People"! Pipe Bands, marching bands, the whole school, veteran cars, car clubs, pets etc. all participated.


The bands/orchestras below provided wonderful entertainment. The local a school provided a BBQ tea for hundreds of happy campers. The event was held on the Sports Ground.


If you are into historical architecture then Kempton is the place for you as it has lots of original stone buildings and some fine examples of settlers cottages! Below left is the pub - great reasonably priced meals.


Dysart House offers heritage B&B accommodation. Have a look at their Website - stunning interior! The photo above right is another B&B come very pleasant tea room. Lots of local artisans. The photo below left shows an excellent wood worker. We loved the fantastic chopping blocks. Some property for sale in the immediate area. This is a typical example. The building below right is the Post Office and mini store. They also have a good range of crafty things. There is a little bit of history on this page.


Kempton is wide open to anyone wanting to set up a general store as at present the PO sells only the basics and the BP servo back out on the highway is just tooooooooo far to walk (for us oldies that is!!). We would have spent a lot more money in town but not enough shops. Your stay is limited to 48 hours and power to 24 hours. We can't praise this spot enough nor the council and the caring attitude of all the locals. It was truly a pleasure to visit.

Absolutely totally recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 53 E 10



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