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Lake Coolmunda - Darling Downs - Queensland

Ever pulled into a dam in NSW for a quick smoko break and then got charged $6.00 for a stay of under an hour? Well unlike NSW, water supply areas in Queensland are totally free to visit! Coolmunda Dam is rather nice with a huge expanse of water and lots of delightful pelicans. The reserve is huge and we can't see it ever being too crowded. During our visit it had three boats!

Shot from a previous visit last year
Boats only at weekends

Lots of picnic tables and BBQ's with free wood all cut up ready for lunch! Quite a nice toilet block with a fresh water tank nearby. Watch out for all those water taps spread throughout the reserve as these draw water straight from the lake so best not to fill your tanks unless you have a separate drinking water tank.

View from the rear of our Winnie!
Perfectly flat parking spot

So not a real wise move to fill your tanks here as they need the fresh water! Sorry folks the dreaded No Camping signs are here, but during our stay we saw campervans overnighting with zero hassles.

Easy to cope with view!
Sign at the entrance

There is a spot right at the gates though just outside suitable for an overnight (left). The gates aren't shut overnight as it is a launching ramp. Lots of tall shady trees and the area is very motorhome friendly being nice and flat.

About a dozen picnic huts
One of the "signs"!

Absolutely no vandalism anywhere to be seen and a credit to whoever looks after the area. Zero evidence of hoons and no empty cans or bottles in sight. In fact absolutely zero rubbish anywhere - a credit to whoever looks after the area.

Absolutely recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace


TIP: Fill up with town water at Inglewood - lots of taps along the concrete walkway.



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