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Serenity Plus - Lake Tyers - just north of Lakes Entrance - Victoria

We really like this top smoko spot, and have visited here many times. Lakes Entrance itself really doesn't appeal as it is sort of like a mini Gold Coast - but maybe that is what turns you on! Lake Tyers is only 10 minutes north of Lakes Entrance but feels like hundreds of kilometres away. We like the end of the road best, although all of the lookouts to the right on the way in are quite pleasant. There is a fair sized car park. It can be a bit on the slopey side though if you have a gas fridge - even the spots in the middle, which are probably the best, are not that level. The view from the carpark is brilliant and that makes up for everything!


There is a great pub called The Waterwheel - very quiet and very popular from 6:30PM and the weekends. Only one shop is nearby but it is very good. You can get fish and chips (very generous servings) from 12 till 2.00PM and from 5:00PM. They close at 7.00PM every day.


What appeals to us about this spot are the great walking opportunities. You can go to the right and walk the beach for miles to the south. If you go up the steps to the left, you will eventually get to the inner lake and the launching ramp. This by the way is state of the art with a floating jetty for easy boarding. This is a wonderfully peaceful spot as well but zero shops if you need to buy your smoko. There are no camping signs here and the Council is getting smarter - "no sleeping in vehicles" - which includes motorhomes we guess!


Rather oddly there is no CDMA or GSM phone coverage on the point, however there is a public phone. TV is OK except no channel 2 using a Winegard. Now there aren't any No Camping signs, but common sense tells one that they have obviously been nicked as the area is directly opposite a huge caravan park. We are sure they would object to anyone camping nearby.

Absolutely recommended.

Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 46 E-7



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