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Lakes Entrance - Gippsland Lakes - Victoria

This is a very pretty spot and it could be called the oasis on the Gippsland Coast. We have visited on many occasions over the years, and each time it just gets better. Parking for motorhomes generally is excellent, provided you don't try and park on the main drag. We tend to favour the unlimited time area in front of the marina, as it is handy to the shops, has a great spotless toilet and has good walking opportunities. This is not too good for buses and anyone towing, but provided you get there early enough it will fit vehicles up to 24 feet, provided you can get an end bay. We like parking with the rear right to the water - most relaxing watching all the fisherman preparing their boats for sea. There is lots of easy parking on the grass on the eastern side of town and it is wonderful to see a council not totally fencing everything in with those dreaded posts. The council in our view deserve accolades of praise for the general appearance of the whole area - the orderly development and overall cleanliness is very hard to fault. The signage in this area is just brilliant - if you get lost here yopu need to get a "replacement".navigator!


The dedicated RV day use parking area is just north of the river on the western side of town. This is quite pretty and right beside the river, however it is a fair hike if you wish to walk back to town. Walking wise the pathway goes for miles right beside the water. If you go across the footbridge you can walk for hours if you wish. Heading south takes you to the entrance - most entertaining as you get to watch the trawlers coming in over the bar. If you are into bird watching this spot will be perfect for you as it abounds with all things natural. Within minutes of us parking on the foreshore we were greeted by Hans Van Den Born - a local CMCA member - photo at right below. Hans is absolutely passionate about the motorhome lifestyle and the CMCA and filled us in on all the local hot spots. As well as being a builder he does a spot of prawning and offered us a couple of kilos if we were still around that evening! No sooner had Hans left than Rob and Fiona Wilkonson rolled up in their Matilda Henry and before we knew it lunchtime was upon us with nothing done other than a walk to take these piccies! It's a tough life all right!


Smoko wise this spot is absolute paradise! You have a good choice of absolutely top bakeries. Fish and chip wise, once again you really are spoilt for choice! We have tried them all over the years and frankly you just can't go wrong. Sit down lunches are great with $6.00 being the going rate at the RSL Club and the Chinese restaurant. If you want to have a special treat, try the great floating restaurant on the foreshore - photo below left. Fish and chips start at $13.50 and a bowl of prawns at $14.50. If you have time there are lots of cruises operating from the foreshore and all of these explore very sheltered waters if you happen to be a poor "sailor".


Shopping wise there is no major centre. Groceries come from Safeway, and yes you can also get cheap fuel at the Safeways outlet, but access could be iffy for those towing anything. The chemist is opposite the ANZ Bank on the Orbost Road. There are two computer/Internet cafes too and weight watchers should be very careful as the 303 Cafe sells great icecreams!


Finding water taps in this town is very hard indeed if you just want to top up. We found that servos were the best bet. Of course all phones and TV work brilliantly well. It is not a good move to overnight on any of the foreshores, however in talking to local CMCA members the council seem to be fairly accommodating towards self contained motorhomes and they have heard of no one being hassled if parked well away from the main shopping precinct. Absolutely recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 43 K 12



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