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Smoko - Little Beach - Port Stephens - NSW

This is a very English looking little seaside spot close to the Halifax Caravan Village just out of Nelsons Bay on the Central Coast of NSW. It is a fair way in at 32 kms just for smoko BUT you can do a bit of a detour and return south via the new bridge at Stockton on the way back to Newcastle. So Little Beach is a small cove with about a kilometer of beautiful white sandy beach. What makes it look so English is the small jetties at either end and the old fashioned restaurant nestled in the hillside. The beach is fantastic if you love calm water swimming and the water is crystal clear.


Public toilets and cold water showers right beside the beach and you can fill your tanks as long as you have a 20 metre hose. You can't actually park on the grass here, but you can get fairly close to the water. Back towards Nelson Bay you can get elevated smoko spots.


Walking wise this is one terrific spot! Heading towards the ocean you can walk along the beach or walk up a fairly steep bitumen road leading to the old lighthouse. This is where the Volunteer Coastguard are located as well as a truly delightful Olde English style tea rooms. The lighthouse is now a maritime museum and entry is free or by a gold coin donation.


No bakeries within easy walking distance, but the nearby Halifax Caravan Park has a nice kiosk selling lots of hot food. On our visit we only tried the icecream! There is a launching ramp with wonderful parking, BUT this is NSW folks so there are "Don't do this" signs up everywhere so motorhomes can't park there unless you have an "imitation" boat trailer! Seriously one of our Brisbane Sunshine Wanderers CMCA members travels right around the coast of Australia towing a decrepit old rusty boat trailer with NO BOAT! He stays at launching ramps and has NEVER been challenged in 15 years! The oldies certainly have the clues.


Best to arrive early on weekends and school holidays as this is a popular spot. Lovely swimming beach but dogs aren't allowed on the beach but OK in any street. Absolutely recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 23 E 11



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