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Mystery Bay- Far South Coast - NSW

This one is just about as scenic as it gets. It's on the NSW Far South Coast a bit out of Narooma. No shops, phones, toilets or water just fantastic beaches and little bays just begging to be explored. We used two spots here as we stayed the day. The first one is high up on the cliffs overlooking the launching ramp and just past the Primitive Camping Area. As can be seen from the photos it's really a lovely location.

Sunrise over Mystery Bay in NSW
This is a good smoko spot as it overlooks the "natural" boat ramp

Swimming wise this spot is fantastic as the water is that beautiful turquoise you only find on the Far South Coast of NSW. We stumbled on this stop after touring the historic area of Tilba. The wonderful thing with Mystery Bay and Tilba is you are only a handful of K's from the Princes Highway, yet you feel that you are a million miles away from city life. We could easily stay a month here! The Primitive camping area is a little on the dear side though for a "primitive" area, but you can justify it simply because of the surroundings.

Proud CMCA member Dick Hennessey

From the local member N46 (now that is a very low number!), Dick Hennessey of the CMCA, the history of Mystery Bay was that three men in a canoe left Bega heading north in the open ocean and weren't ever seen again. Several months later, their boat was found - no bodies, but very heavily blood stained timber. Hence the name of Mystery Bay. Dick told us he had a great time going to lots of rallies - reckons he's toooooo old to motorhome now! He still looked like a spring chicken to us! Like all ambassadors to the CMCA, Dick came up and introduced himself to us whilst we were having smoko in Narooma (just round from that fantastic fish shop Montagues!). We can only say thank you Dick for telling us about Mystery Bay and Tilba. All the best info about places comes from members - not travel books!

This is right in front of us with the boat ramp in the distance
This is perfect motorhoming - we are right on the end with our awning on the grass annoying no one

We will be doing a campsite review on thevery, very basic Primitive Camp Area very soon, so please keep checking back as we have some quite spectacular photos. Accolades of praise to the local council as the whole area is a delight. Things like showers and tables on the beach are really appreciated. Also the locals are a wonderful bunch and we met many doggy people as they have set hours for walking on the beach - think it was after 5 PM. There are no shops in this area at all, so there is no bakery or fish and chip review with this site! The beach is great for swimming and we found ourselves in the company of a really large friendly local stingray! Try not to miss this one it is wonderful!

Absolutely recommended!

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 31 G11

24/12/02 - Mystery Bay: We pass there usually twice a year and you have to pay for it now. The primitive area in the bush is a bit grotty sometimes too. The toilets are truly disgusting and a fairly long walk from anywhere in the bush anyway. Which is why you see toilet paper around... That said, it is a nice beach.

Laurie Smyth


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