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Stotts Island Environmental Centre

This is a superb rest area and was built as part of the Bi-centenial year primarily to protect a very unique island. Parking is very good with the choice of gravel, concrete or grass. Plenty of good shade ideal for motorhomes and caravans, but not really enough space for buses unless you are good at backing - grassed area to the left but be careful if arriving in the dark as there is a hump. Having said that though we once saw a B Double semi drive in then back all the way out with zero problems! This little effort was just to go to the toilet in comfort! There is a very nice display illustrating the environmental significance of this beautiful area located on the Tweed River.

The start of the island walk
Easy wheelchair access plus it's beautiful!

The same open building houses flushing toilets even though they look like composting jobs from the outside, and it has a lovely covered elevated deck with three large tables. There are even more tables outside. It is lit at night - a nice thought! There is a town water tap at the river end, and the water tastes good with easy access for filling water tanks as you can see from the photo below - no dump point as yet. Even a drinking fountain! We have never been bothered by hoons at night and have used this camp for years as it is very handy for visits to the Gold Coast from Brisbane.

Easy town water tank filling even for long vehicles

Now for the best part! At the northern end one crosses a cute little footbridge and this leads to a delightful walk onto the island. The vegetation is quite stunning with many species being named. Early morning birdsong is lovely. The only negative is the close proximity of the very busy old Pacific Highway - (now called Tweed Valley Way) the traffic has not eased at all truck wise. We had hoped this would have changed with the new Burringbar Range bypass, but alas this didn't come to pass even though this about 2 kms to the east. Your maps are bound to be wrong as the new road is a major deviation and it no longer passes through or even near Murwillumbah. Accolades of praise to Tweed Shire for the excellent job done on keeping this area in an absolutely first class condition.

As modern as tomorrow!
There should be more wonderful places like this one

We can only all hope that it will stay as an overnight rest area. At present there are no restrictive signs at all. Now that the Pacific Highway doesn't pass, it is a little harder to find. Get onto the Tweed Valley Way at the northern end of the new expressway. Head towards Murwillumbah and it's on the right just after where the dual lane ends. There is another spot about one kilometre further south right on the river, but the dreaded signs are up folks! Doggies are welcome here as well. Coming from the south turn off at Tweed Valley Way and head towards Murwillumbah and it's on your right after the dual road ends. Absolutely recommended.

Bob & Chrissy Eustace

HEMA 7 J13


Curious Note:- Every time we stay here we get a huge dose of tiny brown insects - mainly in the toilet area. It takes a week or so to get rid of them. This happens even if you only stop there for a toilet break!


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